Keto Wet French Toast with Homemade Yogurt

  • half a stick of salted butter
  • a 15oz can of pumpkin puree (make sure it is NOT pumpkin pie in a can- that has loads of sugar)
  • 3 tsp of pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/4 tsp of salt (I use kosher, but I don’t think it matters much)
  • a splash of vanilla extract (looks to be about a tsp when I add it)
  • 4oz cream cheese (aka half a brick)
  • 3tbsp monk fruit sweetener (I use Lakanto- if you want to use something else, feel free)
  • a shit load of hemp seeds (you’ll see in a second why the amount isn’t better described)
  • First, you want to take your butter and brown it in a largish sauce pot. Browning butter adds a lot of toasty complexity that will make this breakfast (snack? dessert?) far more delicious.
  • Once your butter is sufficiently browned, add your spices (I set mine aside so I can dump all at once). Cook the spices for a second or two to take away the raw flavor and then add your pumpkin pie puree. Be sure to do this pretty quickly or the spices could burn and then you’ll be a sad panda.

  • Cook the puree, spices, and butter for about 5-10 minutes. Largely this is to, yes take away the raw flavor, but it also makes it easier for your body
  • Take the cooked puree off the heat and add your cream cheese. The residual heat will be enough to slowly melt down the cream cheese. Set it aside and focus your attention to prepping your hempseeds.
  • Now this recipe makes 7 jars of oatmeal (I know it’s a lot, but I didn’t care to store opened cans of pumpkin so here we are). So take out 7 containers (I use 8oz bell jars) and put 3tbsps of hempseeds in each jar. The hemp seeds are crucial here because this is what gives the mouthfeel of small oats. Plus hempseeds are high in protein and omega 3s.
  • Once you’ve split all that up, put your attention back to the puree. Give your puree a good mix and ensure all that cream cheese is well mixed in. Add your vanilla and your ‘sugar’ at this time as well- waiting to add the vanilla preserves the flavor (since heat kinda mutes it) and the sugar will get all chunky and not right if it’s too hot (trust me, I’ve tried it). Be sure to taste your puree at this stage- Does it need salt? Is it sweet enough for you? Do you want more spice? Add it here now.
  • Now you can split up your puree into all your jars and store in the fridge. I use a 1/4 cup measuring spoon for each jar and evenly distribute whatever is left over. If you had a scale, this would be way easier lol.

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