Keto Steak

I souse vided my Entrecôte, (4 slices and stacked like a chunk) 1kg. 1 hour 56*C. Then sear in a blazing hot pan, 1 minute per side. I also basted, with butter and garlic.

Tomatoes when in on their stems 1h in the oven at 150*C, together with some olive oil and sea salt. I can’t eat steak without these fierce umami poppers.

I was going to make a chimmichurri, but my olive oil was sort of going rancid, so I used butter instead. Just blend herbs, I used fresh basil, oregano and parsley in a mixer. I added a pair of anchovies, Half a lemon and then the 4 tbsp of butter. It emulsified real nice. The macros doesn’t contain all these things cause I’m too lazy.

1tbsp (14g) Butter

  • 12g fat
  • 100kcal

Steak 250g

  • 60g protein
  • 55g fat
  • 750kcal

80g Tomatoes

  • 2.5g carbs
  • 20 kcal


  • 67g fat
  • 60g protein
  • 2.5g carbs
  • 870 kcal

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