Keto Fried Ice Cream

Ingredients: •Rebel Creamery Vanilla Ice Cream (1 serving/71 g) •Magic Spoon Cinnamon Cereal (half a serving/14g) •One egg (egg white only) •Avocado oil

  1. Take out one serving of the Rebel Ice Cream and ball it up then throw it back in the freezer.
  2. Take half a serving of the magic spoon cinnamon cereal and crush it up. (I used half a serving but I would suggest a whole.)
  3. Crack open your egg and separate the yolk (keto blasphemy).
  4. Take the ice cream ball out of the freezer and start covering it with the egg white.
  5. Around this time I started heating up the oil in the bowl. I just put enough to perfectly fry the ball whole.
  6. Take the ice cream/egg white infested ball and swirl it around the crushed up cereal.
  7. (This is where I screwed up) Be prepared to QUICKLY yet gently place the ball in the bubbling death pit of oil. It took me about 5 seconds to fry the whole ball.

The macros I calculated are just the magic spoon cereal and Rebel ice cream ingredients. I wasn’t entirely sure how to estimate how much oil or egg white was used considering I didn’t use close to any of it. It comes out to: 17g fat 4 g total carb 1g fiber 8g protein

Recommendations: Don’t burn the cereal coating. Use more cereal (one whole serving instead of half). Don’t throw the ball in the bowl (rookie mistake).

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