Keto Flying Dutchmen

Sauce – I don’t have exact measurements but mixed mayo and half parts sugar-free ketchup into a bowl. Added a spoonful of relish and a small bit of worcheshire as well. Then just sprinkled in some garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste. Put into fridge and let chill till ready for use.

Pickles – I used the sweet and spicy ones from Trader Joes.

Grilled Onions – Cut half a medium sized yellow onion into a small chop. In a pan put some oil and butter while it heats to med – med high. Drop in your onions and cook for a few minutes to get a little sear then lower heat down to med – med lowish. Add some salt, pepper if you want and cook for roughly 30 mins or until onions have softened and the sugar have been released. Mix them occasional and make sure the heat isn’t to high that they burn.

Cheese – I used 2x American cheese slices from Boar’s head that I got from the supermarket deli.

Burgers – As most people, I used 80/20 ground beef for these formed into balls roughly 1/3 pound in weight but feel free to do whatever size you want. I got my griddle super hot and lightly smoking then used my patty smasher and smashed the balls down while holding for roughly 15 seconds for a great crust. Season the side with anything you’d like (I used salt and pepper) and then spread some yellow mustard before flipping. Flip over, add your cheese between patties and let melt.

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