Keto Chocolate covered Strawberries


1/2 cup of Lily’s chocolate chips. (Side note: If you haven’t tried these. A few places nearby me sell the bars, but I had never seen the chips. This tells you which locations sell which products!)

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 packet of stevia, or whatever sweetener you like that won’t cause you or your partner gastrointestinal distress (it is Valentines day, after all)

Toppings, optional. I used a couple of squares of Lily’s chocolate bar shaved with a cheese grater, toasted unsweetened coconut, and chopped almonds. The smaller the better with the toppings. The almonds were already shaved, but I ran them through the food processor. You’re going to want them close to a fine powder, the chunkier pieces fell right off.


  1. Rinse strawberries and dry well. You want them VERY dry. Water + chocolate doesn’t mix well. I rinsed my berries and left for a few hours to let them air dry, but if you’re in a rush, you can pat them dry with paper towels.
  2. Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil. You can use a double boiler or saucepan, but I’m lazy and used the microwave. 30 second intervals, mixing in between with a spoon. It took 1:30 for my chips to become really smooth, but YMMV depending on your microwave strength, just WATCH IT CLOSELY because you don’t want to burn the chocolate.
  3. Dip the berries – I couldn’t find any skewers so I just arranged one on a fork with the fork going through the stem bits. Swirl around in the melted chocolate, and rest fork against side of container to allow chocolate to “drip” off. I double dipped mine for a thicker coat of chocolate, but this step isn’t needed unless you feel like it.
  4. Add toppings if you got ’em – I found it easiest to sprinkle the toppings over the berry. Bowl of coconut, sprinkle over berry with a paper plate underneath to catch the excess. Pour excess back into bowl, repeat with another berry.
  5. Set finished berries on either parchment paper, or silpat lined baking sheet or plate. Don’t skip the parchment or silpat, because they will stick and the chocolate will peel off when you lift them.
  6. Set in fridge for 15 minutes or so to set the chocolate. The coconut oil will help them set quickly.
  7. Enjoy!

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